The Daemonic

Why do idiots insist on using their image of me as a way to do sparring with their own shadow side?

I speak very directly and my speech is not rhetorically loaded to mean something other than what it appears to mean in plain language. However, there are those who strain to try to hear a tone of underlying nasty prejudice, adiscriminatory or discriminating tactic, the nasty dismissal tone that they feel identifies who they really are in their underlying essence.

And when they do not hear it, they do not hear anything at all. For the condemnation is what they are most attracted to. The condemnation is also what they fear to hear. It is what Freud termed the “daemonic” that attracts them to hear the same forms of condemnation against them, again and again. They long to repeat their traumas anew, in the hope of a spontaneous healing.

But I cannot help them there. Perhaps I am the ultimate sadist in that I cannot bestow upon them the prejudicial feelings they expect, so that they may kick and strain against them, and believe themselves to have confronted the evil that assails them in the world. (The ultimate sadist, it’s said, ignores the pleas of his masochistic interlocutor to acknowledge him through bestowing pain).

In any case, my words seem to lack meaning to these maschostic types unless I’m in the middle of berating them.



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