The whole ship’s rotten through and through.

Musings: Mentarch’s 8 principles of incompetence

This is a good read. It relates very much to what I’ve observed about how this society raises some males above the possiblity of being criticised by any woman. From what I have seen, patriarchal domination reproduces itself by defending itself against criticism in various ways (including using violence). Males defend the incompetence of other males (sometimes unwittingly) by buying into the stereotype of the ‘hysterical’ woman — rather than seeing legitimate criticism for what it is.


Utterly Inutterably

I’m utterly exhausted. I don’t know why. I am strongly likely to believe that it has to do with a two week period of time, quite recently, when I had to work whilst I was quite sick. Then there was the sense of panic that I’d lost the threads of my thesis proposal, with the consequent harried rush to pick up those threads in as short a time as I could. The ┬áconcerted drive┬áproduce work was my master for very long hours over two days.

Also, the (other) work I do finishes late, sometimes. At times, I finish up at midnight. (This is not to imply that I work long hours in that particular job — although it might be true that I work very hard and consistently in general.)

And, well, I’ve been trying to build up my fitness again, after about two weeks of sedentary living. The result is that first thing in the morning I often experience the shocking reaction of stiff legs.

And really, and really, nervous energy sucks. That’s all folks!