you are my brain, therefore we need a lobotomy!

Actually, and I might have said this before, but mine thought that I was part of his brain. Not the good part, mind you. He was all of the good part. He thought I was the part of his identity which he didn’t like about himself. Because he thought I was an unruly part of his own brain, he had to keep control over me at all times. This was harder for him to do when I was quiet, minding my own business, keeping to myself — so, he had to provoke me, outrage me, get me to speak out, so that he could then manage to somehow dominate me and gain a sense of control again, over his “own brain”. I tell you, only feminists would believe this. This kind of insanity is barely distinguishable from normal, everyday sexism in most of the world’s eyes. In any case, I raised the issue of his behaviour with a number of people and nobody did anything — except later it turned out that I was being blamed in some ways. It seemed that my father’s illusion that I was an unruly part of his brain had been conveyed to my extended family as being somehow a portrayal of reality.


parody of the misogynist ideology of hate

The real reason men are angry at women (misogynistic) is that they just haven’t met the woman who is capable of being a true woman yet. In fact, that true woman is Lorena Bobbitt. The answer to the question, “What do men really want?” is clear to women. However, men repress this answer as they are too weak to face it (just as most women –except for a very few — are too weak to give them what they secretly crave). Men secretly want castration. It is only because most women balk at this reality that men are largely the misogynists they are to day. They are angry at women because women will not be Lorena Bobbitt — which is what they secretly desire. They will continue to be angry, and behave like dogs until we give them what they really want but won’t admit to wanting (because they are too weak for this kind of honesty). It is the true woman who bears the knife which puts an end to all male longing. When women become real women, then men will experience the bliss they really crave (but which is not available to them in their present state.)