Reality trumps the image!

The inclination to reflect upon oneself as if gazing into a mirror is a narcissistic quotient. Martial arts training seems to take a everything in a very different direction, in terms of self-conditioning. Developing one’s positive  self-image is not precisely where this training leads. Rather than conscious changes brought about by conscious self-reflection, the changes wrought by martial arts are much more on the level of a visceral training. For instance, it enables you to qualify and handle interpersonal aggression.

Part of what I have learned via my martial arts training — a spiritual byproduct of this training, — is to allow someone to fight their own match. To explain this: Somebody may have an image of you as being this or that person. This image will, in turn, feed into their strategy regarding how to relate to you. If their image doesn’t match the reality of who you really are, in terms of how you actually behave, then the gap between their perceptions (their image of you) and the reality (how you actually are) will be scored as a disadvantage to them. It’s as if they have decided on their own that your punches have no force or your defences are shoddy. Perhaps they are — in which case the other will be able to take full advantage of that insight. But just incase they’re not, and the other judges you as having far less merit than you do — the gap between what they’re supposing and what is actually true should work to the advantage of the one misjudged.

So, there is no need to correct the false image. The experiences of life itself should be enough to do this job for you. And if not, it’s still okay to let the other fight his or her own fight.

Since experiencing things in this way, I have lost a lot of interest in the narcissistic quotient, as well as in its superficial cultural importance. In so much of society, image still holds sway over reality. Yet thinking in these terms, and intellectually sparring in these terms has no appeal for me. It seems like nothing greater than a waste of time, employed by the kinds of people whom Nietzsche pejoratively would consider “feminine”.


Random facts about me

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1. My English style can vary. In fact, as of last night or so, I’ve added this new expression to my speech to signify acknowledgement of what you say and my agreement: “Hgooh! Hgooh, Hgooh, Hgoo-oooh.”

2. I suffer all year round from an allergy to various pollens, especially because of where I live now.

3. I like complicated puzzles, and have just spent ten years figuring out one particularly complicated puzzle.

4. I’m not easily socially embarrassed — except in front of myself, if I fail to live up to my own expectations.

5. Since I became mature, I have never sacrificed a part of my personality for the sake of any kind of security.

6. The wilder the weather is, the more I like it.

7. I find that another’s personal courage is a large part of what makes someone interesting to me. If I don’t notice this quality, I don’t notice much about them if anything.

8. I find most TV programmes boring, snoring, worth ignoring.

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