rationality and vulgar abuse of slaves

The major block to society becoming more rational (and in a sense more
secular) is, to my mind, the idea that we have already achieved the social
basis for individualistic freedom, and that (reasoning backwards from this
conclusion) whatever anybody is doing, they must be doing because they
“chose” to. To my mind, we are a very, very long way away being able to
draw such conclusions in a valid way.

My own experience tells me that powerful people (parents and employers) have
powerful means for almost annihilating one’s individual freedom. If for
instance the boss is disappointed that the person he hired, being female,
nonetheless lacks many of the ideal feminine attributes that his
myth-infested mind suggested would be automatically a part of any female’s
mindset, he can start to take revenge. He uses various tactics such as
micro-management, threats, the use of other employees and spies, as well as
feeding the rumour mill with various ideas in order to put pressure on that
employee to conform with greater and greater degrees of subservience to his

Bosses are powerful people in this way, and especially because in a
bourgeois society so much depends on ‘image’ rather than reality. So, the
boss creates a negative image of a particular employee, and because he still
has so much authority in everybody’s minds, there are few who won’t believe
it henceforth.

This kind of thing relates to, of course, issues of individual freedom —
character assassination and the like. But the point is that whilst the
values of most of society are led along a kind of mythopoetic drift –the
idea that authorities are always right, and that males are in general more
rational than females, and so on — one cannot fight back on the basis of
character assassination. The problem is this: If, for the majority, the
nature of females (and employees) is relatively hysterical or irrational
anyway, then such a person suffers no great loss in being treated in this
way (in having their character assassinated). After all, women and
employees generally — it is considered — don’t have much of a personality
that you could assassinate anyways. They are there for the taking — broken
fodder for the mills of industry!

So the base levels of society’s values are a problem for being able to fight
for individual freedom.