surviving a psychopath

Vlog CXCII – YouTube.

To survive a psychopath, you really need to stop thinking in terms of social protection or even social norms. “Society” is largely made up of a tacit psychological agreement not to really see what is “out there” beyond the margins of society. You — and everything that occurs when you are attacked — are already way, way beyond the margins of “society” where anybody can see what is happening to you. Therefore cut your losses and give up on whether you will be believed or not. I think if you are the victim of a psychopath, you need to realize that you are on your own and you need to stop worrying about perceptions, because most people’s thinking will also be too fuzzy and untrained to help you in your time of distress. Almost certainly you will have to temporarily wear some of the projected traits. The point is, can you clean yourself afterwards?


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