The War Nerd: Getting “Women Warriors” wrong | Clarissa’s Blog

The War Nerd: Getting “Women Warriors” wrong | Clarissa’s Blog

Well War Nerd is doing the same as he accuses the original writer of doing, in that he draws way too much information from a small amount of evidence. I mean to say that Americans are very visual and seem to imagine they can see into reality and draw all sorts of meanings from it on the basis of some pictures.
“Look at the first photo in the series, and try to see it like you would if you were living in a cold, lawless wilderness with the Taliban looking for a way to kill your whole clan. You need to have a smart, strong person in command. Who? Those male relatives standing behind her. You can see why she’s in charge: Not one of the males looks fit for command. The old guy next to her—smart, maybe, but too passive, too old. The young men—look how they hang back, stare aimlessly, watch for someone else to give the cue. They’re OK as trigger-pullers, but that’s all.”
Speculatively (because we really do not know) he could be confusing cause and effect. If I were not charged with defending my group with a weapon my eyes might start to look detached and gormless, too.
In any case, how is War Lord’s assumption that she stepped in because the men around her were not up to the task NOT sexist? He seems to assume that she may have been happier with a nice, traditional grandmotherly role if only the men could have pulled their weight.

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