Teach the children THIS


There is necessarily going to be something arbitrary about fruitful education, because the whole point of it is for young minds to learn that there is such a thing as objective fact; that their feelings are not fact.  The content of what it taught is much less important than the necessity for young minds to internalize this lesson.  Otherwise, they really do become trapped in their own minds and unable to find avenues to liberate themselves.  The reason why so many people remain workslaves or slaves to ideology is because they really do not contemplate that there is any reality outside of what they have taken to be common sense.  They mouth platitudes like “everything has a cause” or “men and women are different”, but they don’t really understand anything at all.  They’re just giving their emotional impressions of things without any capacity to stand outside of themselves for a moment and consider whether their emotions really are guiding them down the right avenues of thought.  Such people who do not think in terms of objectivity can easily be manipulated.   You just appeal to their emotions and tell them they are better than everybody else.  Then tell them that a universal health system would be bad for them and that they don’t need any social security system because their innate superiority will see them through.  Also, tell them however they imagine the world to be is how it really is.   If I imagine people are playing tricks on me, that means that they are.   This is a very claustriphobic state of mind to have, where there is nothing outside my head.  Imagine how paranoid I will become without any education to be able to objectively refer to something outside of me.   Imagine how malleable and subject to political manipulation my paranoia will make me.
Children are already being trained to not trust authority or anything outside of themselves.  That is a recipe for subjugation.

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