Fluff | Clarissa’s Blog

Fluff | Clarissa’s Blog

The person who wrote the linked to article seems very ignorant about military standards and performance. In fact it is well-known that you totally cannot tell what somebody’s capacity for performance will be by the way they look. Looks can be deceptive. My father said that one of the most rugged, physically tough, macho-talking men he was with froze immediately during his first contact with the enemy. He just stood still and wouldn’t move. The guys around were trying to shake him into action, but he had become frozen. He was shot and killed. Another story I heard from the Australian army was of a very petite woman. She was so small that she only just made the entry standards for height by wearing a bun on top of her head. She was the most stalwart on the marches, with the heavy back packs, never complaining.


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