The Terror of Consumers | Clarissa’s Blog

The Terror of Consumers | Clarissa’s Blog

This is an awesome post, and I believe it is totally correct. It’s that whole wrong orientation to the world based on identity, which is a false construct. There really are no identities — there are affiliations, actions and human beings. But not having to feel any discomfort about anything truly is the modern religion.
There is also something else going on, I have noticed, which is that a lot of people professing to be on the left are practising some pretty awesomd mind reading capabilities. They simply know because they know that the terroristic act was caused by “fascism” and “colonialism” and that the victims had it coming because that is how the world is set up — to deliver their just desserts to people who have it coming. They can even read into the minds of little Muslim boys in France and detect their cultural and social alienation. That is a good skill to have, I reckon. Those who have it expand their assholes to very great proportions so that they can cover the sun.

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