Abbas Goya says

The March of Millions in France, polarization in society and my insignificant FB housekeeping
Today, the battle against the political Islam entered a new era. The march of millions in Paris & elsewhere is the beginning of a mass movement in the West which found itself in direct opposition to the political Islam. This battle with its immediate demand for freedom of expression, would not stop there. It will be joining other anti-capitalist movements in the West. What appeared a common sense at the first glance has already polarized the society. “I am Charlie” movement based itself on a simple concept: Freedom of speech to the point of insulting religion. As a result both the Euro-centrist ultra-right and the marginalized Left in the West could not handle it. They are out already The movement’s polarization was so strong that any and all leftist – identified as Stalinist/Trotskyist/Maoist/Anarchist/Libertarian/ – who would claim to be “anti-imperialist” – and that, above the expected anti-capitalist character of the left- was pushed to the edge. This left is already leaning towards political Islam. So, here is my housekeeping:
To all my FB, Western leftists friends who find themselves in opposition to “I am Charlie” movement. Well, you called Charlie Hedbo “fascist” without providing a lousy fact while Charlie is as a matter of fact way more leftist than you can handle it. You parroted the Islamic Republic, IS, Saudi sheiks, Assad, Turkey & Pakistan & Afghanistan & Iraqi regimes, Boko Haram, Muslim Brotherhood, Hizbullah, Hamas … in “offending Islam is offending Muslims”. You parroted the same phrase from the Western statesmen too. Well, I’m not repeating the whole debate I had with some of you (if interested please read the debate on my wall or elsewhere I participated).
The point here is this: I do not consider you as a leftist in any sense. I do not even consider you as an opposition to the rulers in your country of residence. In your political capacity, you’re at best an insignificant pressure entity within the Western establishment. On top of that, you have ended up siding with the most barbaric form of capitalism of our time, political Islam. I don’t believe that we have anything in common anymore. I’m not suggesting that you leave my friend list. I’m only saying that for whatever justification you consider yourself anti-Charlie, we end up to be in two opposite camps.

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