rampant pedophiles

Some folk idealize infantile behavior because they are infants themselves and having to address the world in a non-infantile manner is a threat to them. Some types of “psychotherapists” (note the inverted commas) like to reduce people to an infantile state to gain knowledge and control over them.   These typically find adult women disgusting and may harbor pedophilic desires.  Their tone is that of the British public schoolboy.   They are specialists in knowledge about childish states, but their sexuality is not mature and they despise those who have a full adult sexuality.

Their revenge is to reduce the adult observations of their interlocutor into facsimiles of infantile states.  In doing so, they refuse to acknowledge that an adult is an adult and has her own observations of the world.  At best they are like Benny Hill, making “naughty” observations with the intent to undermine the value of sophisticated observations.  This, too, is revenge against adult women simply  for being adult women.

I would hazard that there are those of the Kleinian school of psychoanalysis who do this.


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