One More | Clarissa’s Blog

One More | Clarissa’s Blog

Ah, I had a recent Internet bully who was trying to get me to close down my YouTube. I have encountered types like him before, on rare occasions. He seemed to be vying against anything that was adult in the content of my videos, and not just the characteristic of being intellectual, which accrues to some adults (but not all), but as well against the mature, female perspective that I bring to some of my topics. He asserted that he didn’t want to grow up and have to face things like these, and that exposure to my videos had caused him considerable pain. He emphasized that shamanism has to embrace “the child”. And I put two and two together and realized that this was probably a pedophile who felt threatened by adult minds and adult sexuality, especially women. He wants to defend his right to live in an immature state and to spiritualize his immature condition. To atttack complex adult perspectives and even their right to exist, whilst insisting that only immature outbursts are truly justified in existing, is to defend something sinister — probably pedophilia.


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