Transphobia in Russia | Clarissa’s Blog

Transphobia in Russia | Clarissa’s BlogYes, so you are saying that psychological drives to punish and a real appraisal of real history ought not to be confused with one another (as they commonly are)? I agree.

I find it weird when someone resorts to childish platitudes like “two wrongs don’t make a right.”
Like, “Listen children, we had murders and we had cartoons, but both of those wrongs don’t make a right!”
This way of thinking is such a huge part of the way the humanities are taught now. One easily can become infected with it, but one gets disinfected when one looks at what is being said to one: “A murder and a cartoon do not produce a single right action.”
To ponder in such a way is madness, immature and contemptuous of human thought.

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