Transphobia in Russia | Clarissa’s Blog

Transphobia in Russia | Clarissa’s Blog

The Putin loving liberals have psychological, rather than rational reasons for embracing Putin. It is amazing how little historical or political sense most people have. They have a moral sense (but not an ethical sense) and it is based on false reasoning. It has to do mostly with the postulate of IDENTITY. And then, there are considered to be contaminants to identity, which are morally obstructive. Identities have to be kept pure and taken out and scrubbed once in a while. Identities are never-changing, but there are dirty and clean identities. Some people’s identity is permanently dirty and others have a pure identity. Since being transgendered may be considered to be an act, rather than an identity, liberals will not rush to protect or defend this identity. The only really, really pure identities are those that simply are, but do not act. If you are acted upon, your identity gets to be highly valued as more pure than normal ones. But if you act, your identity becomes dirty, and more so the more you perform actions.
In terms of the binary formulation underlying this notion of identity, Putin is ‘ACTED UPON’ by the West and therefore his identity is relatively pure. Transgender people choose an identity (not just accepting the one they were born with), therefore their status is impure.

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