the beast within

 I want something apelike, but then again not an ape.  I’d like him to be sophisticated and perhaps French, since French is really the only culture, the only one.

Where one cannot speak very, very broadly, speculatively and adopting an array of tones, one is not really cultured.  One must certainly have latitude to speak.

An analysis is made, from the opposite diaelectical perspective:  The “ape” is mischievous, the ape is uncouth.  The ape, as barbaric as he is, learns to fly, whilst the Doctor as examiner remains firmly rooted.

Who is the ape, but a Spartan, one who has been put on the trajectory toward war as a psychological imperative and drive.  He clambers, but he does so honestly.  He ascends the tower.

A little dust falls from his back but he is still ascending.

The beast within ascends and in so-doing he becomes aware.


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