I’m Not Charlie | Clarissa’s Blog

I’m Not Charlie | Clarissa’s Blog

 hotly debating right now how to make a good impression on us?”
It’s really unhealthy and very jittery to be thinking in those terms. Your eyes should be turned outward, not inwardly, always scutinising yourself. Otherwise you won’t begin to see it when a real enemy comes up.
The current Western obsession with trying to track down a trace of sin within, along with the equally false notion of an intrinsically just world, leads to scapegoating and infighting.
I’ve wasted so much of my time in my life trying to cater to the idiots who demanded that I keep looking for a trace of sin within to find out why I had been targeted by bullies. Later, I gained much more insight and started to realize that those encouraging me always to look inwards were the bullies. They were actually frenzied bullies who kept demanding I look inwards and inwards and inwards some more. And when I did, they said I was self-obsessed and I deserved everything that was coming to me.
I learned along a hard and long road what underlies this Western frenzy. It’s a desire to deny responsibility and to feel superior to others next to you.

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