Terror in France | Clarissa’s Blog

Terror in France | Clarissa’s Blog

People speak with such profound conviction, but then they do not back you up in a time of trouble when it would take very, very little effort. I have said it before that the less involvement you have with these false speakers the better off you will be. I know that my own responses can SEEM like mumbly passivity at times, because I am trying to maximise the impact of negative and passive forces so that they will eat themselves out and die. The way I see it, people are mumbly and passive on my behalf because I am and have been lower on the social strata than they. What I want to do is to make them eat and be consumed by the passivity they have so gleefully imposed on me.
Now, I can be VERY active on my own behalf, and I always have a few hidden stores of munition, but I am only one person and I do not want to expend it all at once. Therefore my strategy is to extend the mumbly passivity to further reaches at times, so that surrounds and drowns those who feel they are safe from it because they feel their social status elevates them above it. Let them die from their own passivity. I will actively help them to learn what this means, by exposing them to higher and higher levels of their own mumbliness.
This is, at any rate, my strategy.
When they start to succumb, though, I will blow them up with heavy fire.

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