Privilege Wars | Clarissa’s Blog

Privilege Wars | Clarissa’s Blog

Their privilege list is a conformity list. If a religion is provided for you and conventional family setting is provided for you, you are supposed to admit you are privileged. It seems, from the list, that people are venting at not being deemed comfortably middle class. Of course, I HAVE been the only person in the room of my color and indeed, it seemed, the only person of my race in a whole town, for a few weeks. As for taking mental health drugs or worrying about if I can pay the rent, one can choose not to, on the first count and the second question may evaluate one’s level of anxiety rather than whether the rent is objectively payable.
Most of the questions have to do with trying to evaluate the degree to which one stands out from the crowd, which is attributed as negative. Too bad we cannot all be bland and blended in.

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