Privilege Wars | Clarissa’s Blog

Privilege Wars | Clarissa’s Blog

I’ve had those sorts of problems with them for many years. I always misinterpreted them to mean something more intellectual and astute than they were capable of meaning. I had this problem on the left and right of politics, which was really because I didn’t undestand Western culture.
Anyway, I think people need to get over their ideas that they need some kind of equal starting point or what is known as level playing field to make headway. We all succeed and fail one way or another. There’s always uneven weather and cross currents.
I do consider it definitively middle-class and middle-brow when people start demanding that reality be squared up for them so that they compete evenly with everybody else in life. Let’s be a tad more aristocratic for a moment and imagine that life isn’t primarily about competition. Let’s also be a bit more low class and military minded and consider that bad weather and cross winds are really interesting phenomena, which up the stakes of life and death.

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