Lateral versus vertical movements

If, when people speak to you, the movements of your mind are reflexively vertical, you may benefit from superego shamanism.  If they are reflexively lateral, you will not.

For me swift lateral movements are very difficult in a competitive setting, because they take longer.  My mind has to go through a few vertical, analytical movements before I can move to the next stage and relate laterally to the world.  This means that I am systematically intra-personal rather than inter-personal.   I must do a lot of intra-personal checking before I move onto an inter-personal level.   By contrast Westerners are very, very quick with relating laterally.   All their energy systems are geared toward it.  The realm of the social defines reality for them, most of the time.

For me, the abstract intra-personal relationship defines reality.   That makes my reality hard to see and preturbs some people, but I work hard to assure my  decisions follow ethical lines.


The vertical movements are likely driven by certain hormonal frequencies/inputs, which have already formed channels in the brain during the time of development (in gestation and in early childhood, for  instance).  Adrenaline may be key to formation factors that lead to reflexive vertical movements.

Lateral movements may be influenced and formed by Oxytocin — although not the full story since this would not automatically explain competitive lateral movements.

Descents into the lower reaches are facilitated by Melatonin.


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