Sugar rush in the infantry stage

I’m starting to flesh out the story line and concept for my novel.  I want to bring in some very different elements to explore.  The concept will be of a mad scientist, somewhat akin to Doctor Freud, who is analysing a Spartan child as it moves from the Infantry Stage to the SAS Stage.  He has to grow from the ground up, to the sky.   Since the Infantry Stage is the first stage of life, it is very rigid and requires a lot of marching around.  The SAS stage requires submitting to the sky and the universe.  It’s a much more natural and expansive stage.  Not everyone makes it to this level.

In fact part of what must be conquered is a degree of madness.  We can’t be sure, though, whether the mad doctor’s theorising is madder than the views and intentions of the Spartan child, or more tame.


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