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My reading of psychoanalysis is that it maps and reinforces patriarchal mores. The parent MUST impose the patriarchal character and the child who rebels against this is by definition dysfunctional.
Anyway, I guess we have spoken about this before. But as you would know by now, I am interested in mapping out systems to work out how they are engineered and this has been my finding.
One can gain a further indication of how much evidence there is for my view that Freudianism has an agenda, which tends to be patriarchal and monotheistic (or is so overtly if we are talking about Freud himself) by the degree to which there is a strong antagonism by those of Jewish persuasion, who pride themselves on having good psychological hygiene, against the Nietzschean-shamanic axis of training and psychological thought. If psychoanalysis were about encouraging healthy rebellion, Bataille would be much better understood in academic circles and Nietzsche not so much disregarded.

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