Why Did the Nation-State Educate Everybody? | Clarissa’s Blog

Why Did the Nation-State Educate Everybody? | Clarissa’s Blog

What I see is that some people, who do really care about humanity, lament the fact that there are a lot of people out there, acting as leaders, who are actually not doing humanity a good turn. You can have a lot of charismatic people out there who are really turning people’s unfortunate but commonplace injuries into an ideology. The gender warriors are a case in point.
I think we can keep lamenting and lamenting that this is so. But would you stand in the way of a river in flood to try to block it from taking the wrong direction?
We need to get out of the way of the idiots right now, and let them take the direction that they choose. Many, many of them are attacking anything at all that has the slighest whiff of “elitism” about it. We need to understand that they are opening up a gap between a new elite and themselves. That is what they are doing.
For instance. If someone says “I can’t understand Irigaray because she is a stupid philosopher!” does that mean that I, also, cannot understand Irigaray. Or, indeed, that Irigary could not be understood by someone who had taken the time to study French philosophy, especially Jacques Lacan, and who had read a lot of Nietzsche and some of the ancient Greek philosophical texts?
–No, it does not! That much is not changed by the troll’s pronouncement.
What is more likely to be changed is that a lot of people will follow in the path of the stupid troll, by believing that Irigaray cannot be understood. In this way, a significant gap will start to open up between those capable of understanding and those that are easily persuaded by common emotional appeals.

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