Why Did the Nation-State Educate Everybody? | Clarissa’s Blog

Why Did the Nation-State Educate Everybody? | Clarissa’s Blog

The problem is that a state of nature is by no means better than a myth. I’m not just referring to the problem of the nation-state, but to this notion in general. But let us talk about in in relation to the politics of nationalism versus underlying nature. Let us talk about Zimbabwe, which has arbitrary borders, defined by historical circumstance as well as broad geographical (rather than tribal-organic) features. There has been tribal warfare there ever since the beginning of history. Indeed, this phenomenon applies to the whole of Africa, I assume. If you remove the national borders, you are therefore not bound to have little pygmies sitting in a forest or noble savages (Western ideological constructs) but a return to organic nature, which will often invove the natural occurence of tribal war.
Get rid of the “myth” of the nation and you are still left with the “myth” of the tribe. Humans are, after all, myth-creating and inventive animals. If you reduce us down to the lowest, most organic levels, you will not only remove our myths, you will dehumanise us. Paradoxically making up artificial constructs and then adhering to them is what enables us to be human.

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