The Future of Secondary Education | Clarissa’s Blog

The Future of Secondary Education | Clarissa’s BlogThe signs that the middle-brow by temperament will get any education of any significance is very low indeed. I see how they fight against it. They claw against anything that smacks even the slightest bit of elitism and project their own identities into it. I cautioned that it is better not to say, “This philosopher is stupid” about any philosopher but rather, “I perceive this philosopher to be stupid.” That second approach is not only much more philosophical, but gives you some wiggle-room for future growth. But the troll (let us call him middle class America) resorts again to the first statement.

What I see is that there will be a separation between high and low, with those who can at least tolerate THE MOOD of elitism breaking off from those who cannot tolerate it. That will be the substantive basis for the point of departure.
Once this break-away has occurred, certain barriers, administrative, psychological and otherwise, will be erected against those who have been left behind. They will never be able to catch up again and will have sealed their own fates — at least at this point in history.

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