Dirt, shit factors and projection: the human solution to becoming clean

Attitudes Towards Immigrants | Clarissa’s Blog: “The need for aqueducts is a universal one, however the structures may be very different from one place to another. It is convenient to make 19th/mid 20th Century colonialism a means to transport one’s refuse away from one as this doesn’t intefere with one’s late 20th century or early 21st century ambitions. But still I find that somebody like ME is deeply inconvenienced by it, because I have had numerous people performing what is effectively a shitting act on my head. Needless to say this inconveniences my mental health and my ability to get ahead. Very violent and urgent projections are quite painful when one is on the receiving end.

Anyway, some aqueducts are socially systematised and some are more individual or personal. The systematised ones are perhaps harder to see because they are so expected that we mistake their existence for common sense. It’s only when someone like me protests against being used in this way (as a sewerage system for left-liberal guilt sensations) that there is a danger the structures in place might come to be noticed. Of course everybody fights against bringing their projective actions to full consciousness, as it means they can’t keep using the same conveniences, at least not with the same facility of ease.
It’s good if we can recognise what we are doing, though, as it causes us to gain much more self-awareness. And awareness of self is also awareness of the world, since the two types of knowledge can only proceed in tandem.
Conduits will always be developed, but I would like to think that the more mature among us could take into account the impact of their reflexes on others and develop other means to release their sense of dirt. Some people get rid of their dirt by praying. Some can do it by performing actual good deeds. Some do it by refracting the sense of guilt over time. But projecting it onto others, unaware that one is doing so, seems to me the actions of very immature and unselfaware people. If my sense of goodness comes too cheaply, it is worth very little. If I project and excavate my bowels through a prefabricated system, I may never know the suffering I am causing others who have to wear my pieces of shit on their heads.

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