Conduits for the emptying of one’s bowels

Attitudes Towards Immigrants | Clarissa’s Blog:

Like I said elsewhere above — and I was being more literal than facetious — people need to excavate their bowels. They need to shit. This is something I think Melanie Klein recognises implicitly. And of course Nietzsche notices it once or twice. The Kleinian notion of projection is in the recognition that the infant has to get rid of its feces and so projects those outwards. The “other” becomes the dirt, the excrement, which the infant is not capable of dealing with on its own.
I think for many people this urge to shit is very urgent and extreme. The more they have unconscious fears that they may be evil or dirty, the more they require an aqueduct to take their dirt away from them. Intellectual left-liberalism has built a very efficient one in the intellectual abstraction of “evil colonialism”. Much of contemporary critical theory is forms a system that allows left-liberals to use this toilet to get rid of their ever-present sense of guilt and shame.
If you take away this conduit, or imply that they ought not to use it, they really do lash out at you in the same way as someone who has an extreme bodily urge would do. They would not understand the source of their own rage, but if I tell them that I am not an evil person because I have been colonial, they seem to find this very distressing. I have deprived them of their current means to empty their bowels. 

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