Attitudes Towards Immigrants | Clarissa’s Blog

Attitudes Towards Immigrants | Clarissa’s Blog: “I know that I used to come across weirdly to some people because the left-liberals themselves have a self-image that they are fluffy and very harmless, but it is much more complicated than this. A lot of them have a strong feeling that they are trying to get rid of the fascist without and the fascist within. And they are very confused about fascism. Even professors and other types who should know more, do not really understand fascism. I know there was a common misunderstanding in the industrialized West that the war in Rhodesia was fought over racism and that nazi types would be welcome there as mercenaries. But the conservatism of Rhodesia, although far right, was more akin to Leave it to Beaver than German or Italiam fascism. The image formed by people in the industrialized West was, for the most part, very, very wrong indeed. It is as if they had aggregated all their evil in one spot and said, “We hate our colonial selves and we consider it to be fascism.” 

As a result of this confusion about identities (and as I have implied there was also a hell of a lot of projection) I had to cope with a very confusing psychological and social terrain. It was so intense and in a way just so ongoing that I really lost sight of who I really was, or had been, growing up in Africa. I started to take on the idea that I must be an evil “fascist”. In fact I found a lot of defensive ability in embracing this extreme and false image that was projected onto me. It was like if a lot of mice appeared together and kept asserting, “You must be a very vicious cat with very fine hunting capabilities!” Realy it was quite laughable the way people kept giving me power, although initially, before I had figured out what was going on, I did get pretty much pulverised. Because if a lot of mice have decided that you are a very vicious cat with proficient capabilities for hunting them, you had better turn out to be that way, or else they are going to make you suffer — I mean to the extent that you are vulnerable.

In any case, progressives, up to this point, seem to desire and demand and require ‘fascism’ and they have often required it from me — not real fascism, but hunting prowess. They are alarming stupid and lacking in psychological self-awareness, which is why I keep insisting that they need to come to terms with their colonial roots — their shadow side. Up until now, they haven’t done so, I assure you.

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