The Theory Of Timeline Jumping

As I follow your stuff, I find that I don’t have the same new age sensibility you have about shamanism at all (if we can use that term, new age, as I don’t readily have another).  But even from the academic point of view I have studied, what you say is totally consistent with what I have found myself, doing research.  For instance, in one of your earlier videos you speak about taking all the blame for events, as a means to shamanize.  Drawing from and extrapolating from Freud, we can say that taking on the blame causes one to destroy oneself (an embrace of Thanatos, the destructive principle).  And From Nietzsche, who urged us to destroy “the old law tables”, destruction leads to rebirth.  He understood that you cannot create without destroying first.  Also the idea of ego as a limiting factor I found to be suggested in a very, very old, theory about the “triune mind”  (look it up on google).  According to the theorist, the middle level of the mind, which is the mammalian level, keeps us grounded in the present and in the body.  Drawing from the principles he suggests, without this middle level — (I assume we can safely call it ego) — one would feel disembodied.  A disembodied ego would be something akin to “spirit”.  (I don’t think we need to go so far as to assert that there really is such a thing as a disembodied ego that floats around.  I think it is more to do with our neurological wiring.)   

Also, I have found that there really are filters we can have over our mind that makes it so that different people experience the same environment very differently.  It really depends on your cultural conditioning, your character structure, your attitudinal stance, the level of your intellect and inner development and so on.  You end up networking with different sorts of people and hearing different ideas from them.


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