Key to thought

People are such morons for telling me what my attitude to “race” is.  In fact I am grateful for the revolution in Zimbabwe, since it saved me from right-wing Christianity.  It made right-wing Christianity an impossibility for me.  It facilitated my shamanic renewal.

The mood of present day Zimbabweans is surprisingly liberated even as the infrastructure crumbles.  There is something intriguing and romantic in this combination of high spiritedness and descent to ruins.

I don’t like right-wing ideology.  When a mass of people are liberated from it, that seems like some ecstatic magic to me.  My own liberation was slow and painful.  Better when it happens suddenly and in a flurry.  That’s like soaring.

But I’m against fluffy contemporary liberalism because it can’t understand even this emotion, which REQUIRES the harshness of the former regime as a backdrop to experiencing this new lightness of spirit.  Contemporary liberalism dispenses with contrasts and therefore I dispense with it.


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