Shamanic destruction

The Success of Putin’s Propaganda | Clarissa’s BlogActually, with shamanic destruction, you don’t get to stand so much “outside of” ideology, but under it. You dissove everything and it becomes a flux. Or like melted candle wax. That’s why so many people who go this deep and become shamans even lose their gender, at least temporarily. It all becomes melted candle wax.

Then, after that one’s sense of reality has to be rebuilt.
A real source of shamanic insight comes from this capacity to realize that how one had been previously living had been under the force of ideology — that is, in a sort of hypnotic state.
To know this, from experience, is to have the basis to stand outside of ideology and to notice the extent to which others are still susceptible to ideology.
It’s not that standing outside of ideology puts one in a superior position, per se. To have moved out from its hypnotic control might mean one cannot perform the same roles in the same ways anymore. What if one’s capacity to earn money was dependent on staying under the hypnotic sway?
Shamanism is definitely not the path to moral superiority, but to self-knowledge. It’s a very painful means to this, as well, because nobody likes to be dissolved into so much melted candle wax. The rebuilding stage can be hard. But what one does get, eventually, is an enormous capacity to distance oneself from ideology. Eventually.

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