Geoff Weiss, You Stink | Clarissa’s Blog

Geoff Weiss, You Stink | Clarissa’s Blog

I think we look at communication as always been faciliative and in that sense having a positive, or additive effect on society. But that may be wrong. I keep thinking there are sytems of eugenics at work that are very subtle. I don’t even mean that humans develop these on purpose, but rather that certain leaders or influential persons rise up to become Pied Pipers, playing a tune that leads people akin to them in spirit down particular paths to their respective destinies. There is a lot of Darwinian filtering in the way we manage our consciousness (is another way of saying it).
Look at what we may have here: a Pied Piper who will lead middle-aged men to perpetuate a system whereby they are less educated than their female counterparts. This is subtractive communication, because it informs a certain spiritual demographic of its limitations and coaxes them into accepting these (in this case, the limitation of not being educated).
I really don’t think we can do much about this subtractive communication mode, since there will always be people who want to retract into a smaller bubble of consciousness and close the walls around them.
Perhaps those who communicate using an additive style are the most rare, as they offer little by way of comfort. Above all, they do not permit the closing off of the limits of identity. (I could go on like this for says, as identity itself is only possible once the walls of consciousness close off the access to infinity.)
In any case, nothing much we can do.

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