It’s Not About Your Daddy | Clarissa’s Blog

It’s why feminism doesn’t work any more as a system of solidarity, because It has reduced itself to pure subjectivity. NOW, subjectivity may be a good thing to acquire if one has not developed any of it yet, but to resort to pure subjectivity is undialectical. The whole refrain, “Well your feminism and your patriarchy may be different to mine, therefore I cannot help you!” Is a feature of this reduction into childish idealism, followed by harshness against those who do not support one’s own, personal agenda.
By the way, and on topic, somewhat, I put together my Pops’ memoir last night (which I received via dictation, journalistic probing, etc.) and he will get to make amendments and emendments, but talk about a rigid morality and walking in lockstep. Unfortunately, today’s feminism is no corrective for this, but rather (as the article above implies) the mirror image. If you want a system that will do absolutely nothing about extreme patriarchy but will obfuscate the issues and wallow in childish idealism followed by harshness, please given contemporary feminism a run for its money!  
Anyway, it’s all done now.

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