Sunday Link Encyclopedia | Clarissa’s Blog

Sunday Link Encyclopedia | Clarissa’s Blog

I liked this comment:
” I have no idea how to teach about art, history, and life “comfortably.” But the “happy pill” culture doesn’t accept the possibility that there might be any discomfort in life.”
Full humanity seems like a real burden for a lot of people. Actually, that can be of benefit as it gives us other types of people something to laugh at. For instance, yesterday I spied a page on Facebook by a woman telling us that she was selling her memoir which was “all about you”. I liked that a lot. She has a lot of psychobabble going on, which was very impressive, and she used grammar in interested ways, saying that she “relished in” things. I’m now certain she will make a killing with her well-formulated methods.
As I have said before, there is kind of systematic eugenics going on, whereby many, many people can be drawn off by sugar sprinkled in their paths.
If, for instance, I can be drawn off to gaze at myself in a pool, whilst believing that I am in the process of self-improvement and that I am really a conquering hero or heroine, though encountering troubles presented in the book, which is about another woman but is really about me. It’s a good formulation that has never been thought of before.
I’m sure there is money in it.

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