Dystopia and Recession | Clarissa’s Blog

Dystopia and Recession | Clarissa’s Blog

I have learned that whatever people in a culture with a strong ego-orientation toward the world tell you about themselves (by contrast with what those with a strong receptive orientation tell you about themselves) will be false. There’s no point even trying to explain it. Their view of themselves is false and their view of others is false. If you get pulled into their dream and start to see things in the way they would encourage you to do, you will end up much worse in all respects. They will even punish you for believing them, since they do not expect to be believed. Their dreams or notions about themselves are not there for believing in, but are distractions from their boredom with themselves. They don’t like it if you imply that there is any level or reality “out there” by starting to take seriously their mechanisms of escape from reality. Or if you ascribe to these a truth value. Then they really freak out and accuse you of all sorts of things.

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