The metaphysics of reproduction

About Evaluation Bias | Clarissa’s BlogUnfortunately we live in an ideological matrix which has already convinced the majority of a metaphysics of sameness, which is why any explanation I attempt to give about a metaphysics of reproduction will be hard to hear.

First: the metaphysics of sameness leads people to produce the retort, “But it has always been like this! Human nature! If you thought you observed any differences, you were in error!”
That is why, positioned within the metaphysics of sameness, it is hard to see any kind of metaphysics, because it has already been taught that whatever happens within the system one is in must necessarily be perfectly natural.
The metaphysics of reproduction, however, is what I said it is. It’s the reduction of meaning to the level of experience stemming from one’s reproductive origins — the nuclear family. In a society or culture that is afraid of imposing “authority” for fear of seeming “authoritarian”, social order must nonetheless come from somewhere. In the absence of authority coming from the higher reaches of society, it must come from early childhood imprinting. Whatever impressions the child had as a baby, and growing up, must be deemed to be natural — indeed, impressions of Nature Itself.
The impression of the early childhood mother as nurturing and the early childhood father as distant but authoritative therefore take primacy as cultural motifs, which, in the absence of any other guiding hand, become the fundamental motifs by which society is normalized and recieves its sense of organisation and order. It seems so natural to do it this way, because there are these imprints of masculinity and femininity on the early childhood brain. It’s so convincing to appeal to these things, since the impressions are so deeply registered by babies and children.
At the same time, one must consider that to default to “nature” in this way is to follow a line of reasoning that is arbitrary, for one need not default to “nature” at all, but could in fact impose different values from the outside. The cultural compulsion to default to “nature” is a mystification, a superstition, which maintains (for no clear reason at all) that everything that appears organically and without thoughtful intent must be deemed to be automatically superior to that which appears from intent or from authority.
This is in fact what we have, then — the metaphysics of reproduction. Or, to put it differently, the mystification of holding that organically produced “nature” is superior to values or systems that may be imposed by adults, in an adult society, intentionally.

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