In my writing….

When writing I resist paying too much attention to formal requirements, such as regular formatting, because I have completed an experiment to find out what kind of writer I am, and it seems that I convey my character and attitudes best when I am not pristine, but a bit haphazard.  I keep this haphazard quality under a moderately loose rein, but I cannot afford to eliminate it altogether or else much of the texture of my writing also disappears along with it.

In effect, I am writing in a painterly fashion, because I may notice an unexpected paint mark or a dribble made by the brush when I was applying other paint, and I find that this adds meaning, rather than detracts from the overall sense of the writing.

If I were a different kind of writer, I would surely pay more attention to formalistic norms, like producing even paragraphs, with the text evenly formatted.  At the moment, though, I can’t do more than I am doing to meet formal demands without risking compromising the organic essense of the writing, which is spontaneity.

Even from an artistic point of view, the writing is not quite perfect as it now stands, but one has to enter a deep hypnotic state to change this and improve this.  I hope people bear with me for now, with my writerly strangeness, and enjoy the inspiration behind my texts, which are largely coming together.


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