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About Evaluation Bias | Clarissa’s Blog: “

  • “However, late capitalism gives the impression that it is fundamental to human nature to compete, which it isn’t.”
    – Some people are more competitive, some are less so. What is important is that this doesn’t depend on gender.


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  • Well sure, and that is another issue to consider. Actually in relation to my models that I produced and posted her in another section, the overarching structure of society determines our common-sensical assumptions about “human nature”. But human nature is not fixed and firm. It is molded by larger historical forces and necessity.
    I, for instance, am a highly original and somewhat aggressive person. I do not know that I am all that “competitive” because I don’t look at others and automatically see them as rivals. I look at them in a host of different ways. But rivalry is not what I automatically think of when I look at others.


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