About Evaluation Bias | Clarissa’s Blog

About Evaluation Bias | Clarissa’s Blog

The graphics are not supposed to indicate any ideological position and in fact they do not. They show a difference in psychical formation, based on historical periods, so that we do not make the mistake of universalising “human nature” and thinking that what we have experienced — or indeed what we consider desirable in society — is “human nature”. My father used to say, “You know, it’s strange. Australians look like us and speak the same language, but what they mean by it is totally different. He also spoke of the need to build up pressure inside himself at work, to fend off attacks. He’s never had to do that before. in fact what he was working on, belatedly, was the development of ego pressure. Something we can conclude from this is that ego pressure is very important in today’s society and very normalized. But someone from colonial society had not learned to develop this ego pressure. I’ve spent about two decades thinking about these sorts of topics, and my recent pyramid depictions comparing the old style versus the new style psyche (more specifically the psychological structure of Rhodesians versus those in Australian modernity) was the product of my putting together a lot of information and condensing it.


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