Response: Why the Nation-state Was Doomed | Clarissa’s Blog

Why the Nation-state Was Doomed | Clarissa’s Blog

Most of this is missing my point, especially the part that says, “People have always been like this” when I am pointing out that the soul structure is different. I mean it would be nice if I could see my point was first understood for what it is, before being disagreed with and denied, othewise it would seem like I am simply unobservant or idealistic, making things up as I go along.
By the way, my point has nothing to do with ideologicallly criticising capitalism. I’m suggesting that it is necessary and possible to stand outside of a competitive viewpoint that would tend to posit that any and all positions are primarly or innately competitive and self-interested. If this isn’t done, then it will seem only as if I am making an ideological statement, which would have to be assumed to be self-serving, as all ideological statements are. But I’m very much NOT AT ALL interested in having a left versus right debate, especially in the terms fixed by current ideological denizens. My paradigms are intellectual and abstract, not ideological, and have to be addressed as engineered structures, not ideological propositions. That is, we need to take the sense of competition out of what I am putting accross in order to understand the structures in a purely scientific or intellectually disinterested way, not in a way that makes the world seem all too narrow by viewing reality solely in terms of ideological propositions.

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