Narcspeak: "Confront The Queen … Don’t!" – YouTube

Narcspeak: “Confront The Queen … Don’t!” – YouTube

Sometimes it is interesting to deliberately set off a narcissist if you are still learning about your environment and want to know more about it.  Otherwise you might be in an environment where people are playing their cards too close to their chest or you don’t really know the actual lay of the land, but only what they want you to think.  In fact, when a narcissist triggered a whole lot of mini-explosions around me, I understood for the first time how little I had previously been understood despite my efforts of communication.   The particular kind of lack of understanding made me much more aware that most people are dealing with a sense of reality that has only one track to it, whereas I had two.  I had always assumed that others also had this second track in their minds — this facilitator of change to one’s being.  But no.  It turned out they were trying to condense everything I said into a linear track mentality, so that in fact all forms of transformation or progress were just contradictions to the original self.  One could be only one particular thing, stuck on one track.  

Because of this narc. attack I was able to clarify my own thought processes by taking into account natural errors.  I finessed my ideas and came up with the notion of shamanic doubling.  This seemed to suffice to indicate a two-track mind, where transformation and progress were possible, rather than the one-track notion of existence that it had now became apparent those around me had been embracing all along.

Perhaps I ought not to have lifted off a lid and exploded that particular narcissist, but like a sudden burst of light on a very dark night, this explosion revealed to me people’s actual positions, which in turn led to my progress in my own thought.


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