Continuing my tradition of writing books nobody wants to read, I have considered I will write an adult-centred book.  That is because everything in the contemporary Zeitgeist is child-centred.  I will write an inimical book.  The book will reveal that there is no endless tolerance and amusement, but that life comes to an end.

That understanding of life’s finitude is what differentiates children from adults.  It means we take life seriously.  We don’t need to be morally overburdened.  That other modality is the state of mommy bloggers who never grow up.  Instead, we just accept limits.  We revere our sense of time, our relationships, our past experiences, our history and everything that we allow to pass before our mind, just because we realize time is limited.  No need to endlessly prevaricate in front of others or obsess about right and wrong.

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