Repost: Nietzsche, the law tables, guilt and conscience

Nietzsche’s readers almost always fail to observe a central aspect of his thinking. Most probably this is because they have sought out (and thus created in their minds) a kind text that would identify them as “winners”. So, they must have overlooked the precept that one should seek to explore the realm of thinking freely, but without necessarily having the benefit of a good conscience. To live according to a good conscience is in accordance with the spirit of the pharisee and persecutor of free individuals, and is not a way of thinking that pertains to a Nietzschean adventurer.

As it seems to me, a good conscience is precisely what one risks and perhaps sacrifices if one wants to partake of a Nietzschean form of intellectual adventuring. And, not being prepared to risk this holds you back, pins you down, makes you one of the “good and the just”.

O my brethren! With whom lieth the greatest danger to the whole human future? Is it not with the good and just?–

–As those who say and feel in their hearts: “We already know what is good and just, we possess it also; woe to those who still seek thereafter!

And whatever harm the wicked may do, the harm of the good is the harmfulest harm!

And whatever harm the world-maligners may do, the harm of the good is the harmfulest harm!

O my brethren, into the hearts of the good and just looked some one once on a time, who said: “They are the Pharisees.” But people did not understand him.

The good and just themselves were not free to understand him; their spirit was imprisoned in their good conscience. The stupidity of the good is unfathomably wise.

It is the truth, however, that the good MUST be Pharisees–they have no choice!

The good MUST crucify him who deviseth his own virtue! That IS the truth!

A good conscience, an established identity, conservatism, a right wing imperative to maintain the hierarchy as it is (because it suits one very well that way, thank you) — these all cause one to crucify the Nietzschean adventurous spirit (if not immediately in others, then at least and always within oneself).

Also, if one is supportive of the tradition of patriarchy and finds it very natural to be down on women — I’m sorry to say, you are very much among the persecutors vying against a mode of Nietzschean experimentalism and intellectual adventure.

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