A Shaman’s Guide To The Dark Night Of The Soul — Concrete Shamanism — Medium

A Shaman’s Guide To The Dark Night Of The Soul — Concrete Shamanism — Medium: “If a Dark Night Of The Soul sounds like a scary thing, trust me that it is. It’s basically a point when everything in your life has failed. All your schemes and plans have not worked out and your life seems rather meaningless. You have entered into a phase of your spiritual development where you’ve been stripped of the false things you used to hold so dear. The alcohol doesn’t work anymore. The mindless shows on television fail to entertain. Your friends seem more attached to materialistic and shallow pursuits that no longer interest you. You’re in a spiritual crisis.”

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In the trenches of the deepest part of the DNOTS, suicidal feelings are not uncommon. That is simply aspects of your consciousness that have been healed and wish to move on. Since the soul usually moves on during death, these suicidal feelings are nothing more than that: feelings. So get through them and know that they are a natural part of it. Facing death is a thing you must do and it’s not that you yourself that wants to die, it’s just the healed aspects and your old self that wants to die. That’s old business so cry it out and move on. And don’t reach for a razor blade or shotgun or a fistful of pills. I can’t stress enough how powerful these feelings might be so just let them play out and remain calm. They will pass and you will feel better once that is cleared.


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