The Role Of Narcissists In A Spiritual Awakening – YouTube

The Role Of Narcissists In A Spiritual Awakening – YouTube

Yeah, this is a very precise analysis: perfect and brilliant.  It describes my experiences very, very well, because I had this terrible tendency toward over-reverence for the system and people in it, as well as an extreme degree of servility.  Strangely enough — at least to me — the narcissists kept attacking the things that would have made me compliant and servile, by making it absolutely impossible for me to be that way.  I had to get angry and combative instead. I had to use the resources of my negative emotions, which I had been burying, causing me to become sick.

They attacked my false sense of reverence for false things.  They taught me in this way to see through the illusions I’d set up about the nature of reality.  If I had stayed in that illusionary state, I would have become a mechanical, robotic human being, not thinking for myself.   That’s how I was behaving.  But they kept attacking and shaking me awake.  And when I thought I was more awake suddenly, there were still parts of me that were not fully switched on and alert, so I kept encountering situations that caused me to strip away more and more illusions.


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