Research Tear-jerkers | Clarissa’s Blog

Research Tear-jerkers | Clarissa’s Blog

It’s just the introduction of the social protocol of announcing one’s mitigating circumstances that I object to. Who are those who would stand in judgement and gain power by evaluating my mitigating circumstances? I’ve had a lot of my own pleas for help dismissed as needless drama — and indeed I was rather undiscriminating about who I turned to, since it was for me like picking up stones and turning them over to see if there was something I needed underneath them. Very undiscriminating. But also desperate. And I’d tried all number of solutions on my own. In the end, I just had to withdraw from society and try to heal myself. That was the only thing that worked. Actually if I had had liberals slithering all over me — which they would not have done as they pegged me as an alien — that would have been even worse. They don’t know how to strap wounds properly. It’s like they’ve gone to the school of extreme ineptitude and bungling. Someone ought to put them out of their misery.

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