Reading War Nerd | Clarissa’s Blog

Reading War Nerd | Clarissa’s Blog

There are people who imply that I ought not to have any sentiments whatsoever toward my childhood past as that makes me a “racist”. There are others who treat me with silent hostility just because I am a child of the colonies from Africa. These people tend to be Anglo-Saxon. We could give them any name, for instance “Cool bananas”, but they would still act the same because they identfy themselves as oppressors and react to my presence in a way that shows they cannot face reality as it really is. They make me out to be a monster, so they do not have to face history in its fine shades of grey on grey. Perhaps there are some Spanish people who would also react to me in this way? They would have to react inwardly in relation to what they think they know about themselves.
People like Mugabe and Putin of course easily perceive this guilt factor and exploit it. I wonder if they would be prepared to exploit Spanish guilt in the same way and if so how?
In any case those outside the boundaries of the mass of people and nations with a guilty conscience KNOW they are outside of these psychological boundaries.

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