Drive All Blames Into One (With Shamanic Twist)


There is a very esoteric strain in Nietzsche and Bataille where they speak of taking on the guilt for things that happen in the world.  Nietzsche said that a god who came to Earth would take nothing but the blame for things.  And Bataille seems to think that it extends the size of the soul to take on guilt, even to the point that it shatters you.  These things are very, very difficult to understand.  I do think, though, that if one can get beyond narrow blaming and factionalising and just see that as a human being one is enmeshed in the processes of history, meaning that one is always in part to blame and always in part on the road to freedom, one can feel very enobled by this sensation of playing one’s role.  I tend to relate everything to a soldiery concept of life, which means that sometimes one has to get one’s hands dirty and become implicated in what seems like others’ dirty wars — or, putting it differently, “historical processes”.  Pain and dirt and guilt are all part of the human experience and if we deny them, we can never become fully whole.  By themselves, they truly are horrible things, but brought into combination with the other more benificent aspects of life, they add strength, gravitas and vigour.


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