Who Cares? | Clarissa’s Blog

Who Cares? | Clarissa’s Blog: “I remember listening to an otherwise smart and impressive academic speak on how the government — at that time a rather punitive, right-wing one — was watching “us” (academics) to see if we were behaving responsibly with the funding allocated to universities. I realized she had no idea how the political game is played because in her mind the government is a responsible paternalistic figure, capable of distinguishing between good and bad research. Perhaps this is how most academics view political issues. They can’t seem to wrap their heads around the idea that it is about power.”

Power has to do with gaining force for yourself and those like you. It’s not something very susceptible to nuances, especially finely graded academic nuances. It’s a crude thing. It moves sweepingly. It’s basis, in contemporary (post-Feudal) society, is not spiritual but monetary. In post-Feudal society, power is not paternalistic.

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